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Meet the Herbalist

Who am I?

My name is Amanda Merry and I’m essentially a floating (or sailing!) herbalist.  I’ve been studying herbs for over a decade and have been privately counceling people on their health for 7 years. My family sold our homestead in May of 2021 and bought a sailboat to live on. Even more health knowledge is needed to live on a boat and travel.  I’m enjoying learning about new herbs in new environments and local folklore. I also homeschool my 2 boys.

Why Herbalism?

I’ve always been obsessed with nature. Even as a toddler, I had a hard time resisting picking a pretty flower I saw.  I didn’t really get into the holistic lifestyle until I had 2 premature babies back to back, both with serious health issues. Once I saw the power of nature to heal my children, I was changed forever.  Herbalism particularly appeals to me because I love making my own medicine and observing plants in nature.  Once I learned that there were many different types of herbalism, I gravitated towards Traditional Western Herbalism.  There are books going back hundreds of years with wonderful remedies that many modern people have forgotten about.

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