Lung Tea: Thins Mucus and helps settle coughs


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Nourishment for your lungs

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Lung Tea is here! These half ounce teas contain approximately 15 servings. To help you save on shipping, you can order both the tin and the refill bag now.

People have been reaching out to me about coughs, so I have priced this item fairly to reach as many people as feels needs this tea. I have seen other formulations for 3x’s as much! Price gouging during a time like this is immoral.

This tea helps to thin mucus in the lungs, settle coughs, and strengthen airways. A special variety of Hibiscus fruit (calyx) is added because it’s 20 times higher in vitamin C than oranges!  So, if you have any specific questions, please PM me. I’m going to list the herbal actions of the herbs in this mixture. If you wish to further your own understanding and education you may do an internet search for them.

mild diuretic
mild sedative

I’m required to let you know that I am not a doctor. The list of herbal actions is for your own education. I’m just your friendly neighborhood herbalist 🙂

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Tea in Refill Bag, Tea in Tin


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