The Biggest Organ Cleaner


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Deep clean your skin in a way that it’s never been cleaned before

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This is a method that comes from Dr Robert Cessar. It deep cleans your skin (the biggest organ on your body) of skin mites, parasites, bad bacteria, candida, and yeast.  Then you feed your skin with magnesium and nutrient rich oils.  Billions of micro parasites will be removed from the first treatment. Will also help with hair loss associated with bacterial overgrowth or hair mites (there are other types of hair loss).

To use on your skin:

Buy a bottle of 1.75 liters of vodka and remove 2 to 3 shots (ounces). Add the powder with a funnel. Screw on lid and shake to mix. Powders will continue to dissolve when you are done. Shower like normal then pour some vodka mixture into your washcloth and clean skin with little circles. When done, spray your body with magnesium oil, then apply your favorite skin nourishing oil (choose from shea butter, cocoa butter, bhringraj (an ayurvedic oil that is thin and highly prized for it’s healing abilities), or argan oil.

To use on your hair:

Wash hair like normal. Pour a little vodka mixture onto your scalp and vigorously rub into scalp. when done, rub bhringraj into your scalp. Then comb like normal.

These methods can be used once a day or as needed.

Ingredients: MSM powder, diatomaceous earth food grade, aluminum free sodium bicarbonate, himalayan salt, magnesium chloride

What you need to buy:

Biggest Organ Cleaner

1.75 liters of vodka

magnesium oil spray (your favorite brand)

Your favorite nourishing body oil or butter

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