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Can Too Much Sugar Make Your Child Sick?

We often talk about how sugar can make children hyper, but we don’t often talk about whether too much sugar can make them sick.  The short answer is yes it can!

I get it.  I have children.  They love getting dressed up and going door to door.  And they always sneak a little extra when you give them limits on the amount they can eat.  Which is why I thought it important to write to you with some tips to keep them well.  You see, the secret is supporting the liver.  Too much sugar can overload the blood and the liver is responsible for filter the blood.  This is why sometimes our heart rate speeds up when we’re sick.  It’s our liver telling the heart the blood needs to be filtered faster.  At any one time 1/3 of your blood is inside of your liver being cleaned up.  When it gets stressed, it burns through magnesium faster and struggles to produce Glutathione (a master antioxident important for wellness).

Your body needs sulpher (not the same thing as sulpha or sulfites, both of which I’m allergic too) and amino acids to produce glutathione, but it won’t have the supplies it needs to produce this vital antioxident if it’s busy filtering out excessive amounts of sugar.  DMSO is form of sulpher that is easily assimilated by your body.  It works so quickly at penetrating your cells, that if you put some on your toe, you can taste it in your mouth after a few minutes.  That’s fast! Don’t worry, the taste is mild.  I mix it with magnesium oil because it also causes the magnesium to travel through your body faster, making it more efficient.  DMSO with magnesium is my number one way to help the liver and keep the body well. It’s so easy to give to children too, you just need to rub it on their skin.  I rub it on the liver (which is a giant organ located on the right rib cage) to get to quickly, but you can rub it anywhere on the skin.  This is an especially helpful tool at calming children having a meltdown.

Bone broth is another solution.  The marrow from bones is loaded with amino acids that your liver needs to produce glutathione.  Be sure to add garlic too, since this contains sulpher.  These are the tools needed to create glutathione.  DMSO with magnesium works faster and is more efficient, but good old fashioned chicken noodle soup made with bone broth is a good substitute.

If your child gets sick from too much candy, you can always make a 20 minute appointment with me as well. We can discuss what you have in your house to help your child immediately before you run to the store to buy a supplement.

Here’s a link to the 2 different types of DMSO with Magnesium that I offer

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with lots of love, stay well tonight!

~Amanda Merry

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